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  • 根据耐火性能等级把防火玻璃分为三大类
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Fireproof glass, also known as safety glass, has stronger mechanical strength and impact resistance. Of course, the most important is a strong fireproof performance. Therefore, it is widely used in high-rise buildings and curtain walls to cope with the emergency of fire.


Fireproof glass is now being widely used in large public building partition, fireproof partition, outdoor curtain wall and other building parts. The fireproof glass is characterized by transparency, which maximizes the harmony of building fire prevention and architectural aesthetics.


Fireproof glass


According to fire resistance rating, fireproof glass can be divided into three categories.


Class A: fireproof glass that meets the requirements of fire integrity and fire insulation.


Class B: fireproof glass that meets the requirements of fire integrity and heat radiation intensity.


Class C: fireproof glass that only meets the requirements of fire integrity.


And then talk to you about the index of fire resistance. Fire integrity: the ability to prevent flames from penetrating or preventing flames from appearing on the back fire surface within a certain time. Fire resistance and heat insulation: the ability of the back fire surface temperature does not exceed the specified value within a certain time. Thermal radiation intensity: the ability to not exceed the heat radiation intensity at a certain distance and within a certain time.